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June 2023 - May 2024:

On the hunt for experiences

Travel has finally come back, in the best possible way and style. Everyone is traveling everywhere. We travel on our own and in groups, and all methods of transportation are being used to travel. We are taking the time to carefully choose our destinations and research them before we go, and we prefer those that also offer many options for an active holiday in untouched nature. While traveling, we seek all that is local and authentic, and are delighted to taste local food and wine. Nautical tourism has remained an absolute hit - we love to tighten the sails and sail through a heavenly archipelago.
We have carefully put together the topics of the 30th issue of tipTravel magazine to match the trends that are leaving a significant mark on tourism in 2023. Click for inspiration...

Croatia: Issue topic

Dubrovnik and Neretva County

DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY | Sail and try the best of the Croatian south

Exploring the natural beauty and cultural attractions of the far south of Croatia is a great plan for your next trip. But tightening the sails and sailing alongside the attractive rugged coastline, heavenly islands, and untouched beaches is a fantastic idea! If you add discovering traditional flavors to your itinerary, expect full hedonism for all the senses.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 8-17)

Active vacation and enogastronomy

Korčula Island

KORČULA ISLAND | For adventurers and gourmets

Enhance an active vacation in the enchanting vistas of the island of Korčula with the irresistible flavors of the island's enogastronomy.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 18-19)

Active vacation

Mljet Island

MLJET ISLAND | Created for adventure

Just like the nymph Calypso captured Odysseus in a cave on Mljet, the island of Mljet will enrapture you with its beauty. Explore it actively.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 20-21)

Cultural tourism


ZAGREB | In the epicenter of culture

Every year, Zagreb solidifies its image as a city of culture and art with attractive cultural events.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 40-41)

Experience Croatia

Baška Voda

BAŠKA VODA | Central Dalmatia's travel paradise

This year, experience a holiday with the flavor of the sea and the mountains - come to Baška Voda.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 23)

Active vacation

Plitvice Valleys

PLITVICE VALLEYS | Valleys full of adrenaline

Enhance your active days in the Plitvice Valleys by visiting Speleon and discovering the secrets of the underground.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 38)

Experience Croatia

Banovina and Pounje

SISAK-MOSLAVINA COUNTY | Following the path of water, forests, and chestnuts

The Banovina-Pounje region is a starting point for new tourism stories that are just waiting to be discovered.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 62)

Sustainable tourism


BRTONIGLA | Superb. Local. L'ortolano.

While in Brtonigla, look for the L'ortolano brand, which guarantees first-class experiences.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 54)

Active vacation

Podravina and Prigorje

PODRAVINA AND PRIGORJE | Active and full of experiences

The uncelebrated corner of continental Croatia is a true paradise for fans of active vacations. Get your pulse racing in the idyllic surroundings of Podravina and Prigorje.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 63)

Culture and enogastronomy

Šibenik-Knin County

ŠIBENIK-KNIN COUNTY | Combining culture and irresistible flavors

National parks, fortresses, UNESCO pearls, cultural and gastronomic delights that not even world-renowned chefs can resist, at every step... Learn more about the charms of the Šibenik region.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 30-33)

Experience Croatia


The beautiful diversity of Kvarner

Relaxing in inspiring surroundings, with diverse possibilities for an active vacation, and superb gastronomy - those are three common motifs that guide modern tourists when choosing vacation destination. You will find all three, and so much more, in diverse Kvarner.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 44-47)

Experience Croatia


BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY | For a total holiday

Replace the hustle and bustle of daily life with the relaxing greenery of the Bjelovar-Bilogora region and experience a completely different dimension of holidays.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 58-61)

Active vacation

Krk Island

KRK ISLAND | Your outdoor story

Walking, running, cycling, climbing, diving, surfing, or sailing? Whichever activity you choose, the island of Krk has everything you need.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 48-49)

Active vacation

Brijuni National Park

BRIJUNI NATIONAL PARK | An endless source of experiences

In June, explore the heavenly Brijuni islands with the Walk&Talk tours.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 55)

Experience Croatia


BRELA | At the source of beauty

Add the town whose beaches are on Croatia's prettiest postcards to your bucket list as soon as possible.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 25)

Active vacation

Plitvice Lakes

PLITVICE LAKES | Actively enjoy the Plitvice area

Walking, hiking, or cycling? Combine all three activities while discovering the green magic of the Plitvice Lakes.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 39)


Romance in Salona

SOLIN | A return to ancient times

Gladiator fights, an ancient wedding, ancient crafts and games, plenty of music... Once again, Solin is taking you back to exciting ancient times this summer.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 29)


The Month of Baranja Cuisine

BARANJA | The Month of Baranja Cuisine

Only for gourmets and hedonists: Reserve all the weekends in October for Baranja and its delicious flavors!

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 65)


Tourism films

Attractive films to reach the hearts of tourists

Short tourism films about destinations, tourism products and services are a popular and attractive way to attract the attention of travel buffs.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 72-83)


Tourism trends 2023

Tourism trends in 2023

Along with sustainability and responsible travel, early reservations and increased spending on trips, vacations in rural areas, and avoiding mass tourism, we bring you five more trends that have strongly influenced tourism in 2023.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 66-71)

Experience Croatia

Krka National Park

KRKA NATIONAL PARK | A favorite destination with new features

In an area where water is extremely scarce, the 72.5 km long course of the Krka River is a natural phenomenon. Surrounded by four mountains and gently influenced by the sea, Krka NP is a green oasis in the karst Dalmatian region.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 34-35)

Experience Croatia


ZAGORJE | Turn your holiday into a fairytale

Everything you can imagine and wish for in a superb vacation can be found - in Zagorje, Croatia's green fairytale.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (pages 56-57)

Nautical tourism


KORNATI NATIONAL PARK | Eco sailing through nautical paradise

Responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly sailing is a trend, but also the duty of any serious sailor.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 37)

Experience Croatia


VODNJAN | In the town of kažuns and olives

While in Vodnjan, head out to search for murals, kažuns, and longevity.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 53)

Experience Croatia


SINJ | Experiences in the city of Alkar Knights

A combination of experiences for a dream vacation in the idyllic Sinj region.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 27)


Autumn Baranja-style

BARANJA | Autumn Baranja-style

Unique events, an abundance of delicious flavors and new experiences, great fun - yes, that's Baranja!

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 64)

Croatia through philately

Rimac Nevera crypto stamp

Rimac Nevera crypto stamp

The Croatian electric hypercar of the future - Rimac Nevera - is the motif of the third Croatian crypto stamp.

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tipTravel magazine #30 (page 24)