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September - November 2018:


In Croatia, the official end of summer definitely doesn't mean the end of holidays and being outdoors, or of enjoying many activities and various events. Nor does it mean the end of exploring charming towns and irresistible flavors that win over gourmets from all over the world. Those who love the sea and sailing know that autumn is the perfect time to make your nautical dreams come true in the Adriatic archipelago. If you are amongst them, tighten the sails and head out to sea, where, under the pleasant sun and in heavenly surroundings, it will be just you and the seagulls, the sound of the waves, the wind, and the sails... Yes, it is a feeling truly worth living, and heading down to the Croatian south, for. The new issue of tipTravel magazine reveals everything that awaits you there, along with many other recommendations for an autumn holiday.

Croatia: Issue topic

Nautica and lighthouses

NAUTICA AND LIGHTHOUSES | The nautical paradise in southern Croatia

Experienced sailors say late spring and early autumn are the best times of the year to tighten the sails, head out to sea, feel the freedom, and enjoy the moment. At that time, the temperatures are pleasant, sunshine is guaranteed, the sea is warm, the winds are good, and the crowds in travel destinations and marinas are smaller in comparison to those in the summer months. A true nautical treat awaits you then in the far south of Croatia, which is comprised of an attractive coastline and heavenly islands and islets, some of which guard valuable heritage - lighthouses. So, head south and dive into adventure.

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tipTravel magazine #24 (pages 10-33)



KVARNER | Kvarner's enticing flavors

Gastronomy in Kvarner is unique for its enticing combination of continental and Mediterranean flair.

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tipTravel magazine #24 (pages 42-45)



The UNWTO launched an online platform for the sustainable development of tourism

Learn, Share, Act - those are the three main areas of the platform which has 17 goals that aim to achieve a shared goal - the sustainable development of tourism.

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tipTravel magazine #24 (pages 74-75)

World: Photogenic destinations

Photogenic destinations

The top 5 destinations to photograph

Travelling and photography have always been two peas in a pod. Nearly everyone who has travelled has taken at least one photo. Although every destination can be a source of endless inspiration for (both amateur and professional) photographers, the opinion of which destinations in the world are most attractive for the photographic eye are divided, as are many things in life. Although it was difficult to single out just five, here is our narrowed-down selection...

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tipTravel magazine #24 (pages 62-73)