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September - November 2017:


Every season brings about change, and autumn is a time when the story of continental Croatia is truly special. When the summer heat dies down, the number of events intensifies, fruits that locals carefully cultivated in their fields all year long ripen, and autumn paints nature bright colors, it is a joy to head out to explore new destinations. So, in this issue, we bring you tips for autumn trips to the continental heart of Croatia, but also to coastal destinations, which are especially attractive in the post-season. Find out why.

Croatia: Issue topic

Autumn in continental Croatia

AUTUMN IN CONTINENTAL CROATIA | All the colors of autumn

In Croatia, autumn trips are amongst the most beautiful. When the heat dies down, the delicious fruits locals carefully cultivated all year long in their fields and vineyards ripen, the cultural scene in the Croatian metropolis becomes even more dynamic, and many attractions, surrounded by all colors of the fall, invite you to explore, it's time to head into the continental heart of Croatia.

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tipTravel magazine #20 (pages 10-23)


Mediterranean cuisine

MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE | The benefits of Mediterranean food

Mediterranean cuisine, which the World Health Organization has named the healthiest in the world, is one of the main features of the Croatian Adriatic - its coastal region, the islands, and part of the hinterland.

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tipTravel magazine #20 (pages 42-43)

Cultural tourism

Dubrovnik-Neretva County

DUBROVNIK-NERETVA COUNTY | Down the path of mystical stećci

As famous as southern Croatia is worldwide, it has still managed to preserve its mystique and stories that it has just started to reveal to many tourists. One of them is tied to mystical stećci...

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tipTravel magazine #20 (pages 36-39)
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Bruges and Ghent

BRUGES AND GHENT | Belgium's romantic side

Whether you travel to Brussels for business or pleasure, stay a couple of days longer and take the time to visit Bruges and Ghent, medieval cities infused with a romantic and nostalgic vibe.

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tipTravel magazine #20 (pages 52-61)

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