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March - May 2017:


Combining pleasant and useful things is always great, and that feeling of satisfaction can be experienced in many Croatian travel destinations. The destinations we present in this issue offer not just good rest, but they will also challenge you to have an active vacation, which is just what everyone needs after a long winter. So, go out into the sun and choose an activity or two that suits you best. Try something new, something you've never tried before. You can enjoy many activities also on the Pelješac peninsula, that hidden gem of the Mediterranean, which is the main topic of this issue of the magazine.

Croatia: Issue topic

Pelješac peninsula

The hidden gem of the Mediterranean

In southern Croatia, where the sandy beaches meet the blue-green sea, where the sunny slopes are covered in carefully cultivated vineyards and olive groves, where stone villas, summer homes, and walls have kept captain's stories and many secrets for centuries, where oysters are the most delicious and Plavac is superb... you will find Pelješac. Seemingly unattainable, yet very tame and friendly, the second largest Croatian peninsula has remained captivated by its own beauty. If you long for the real Mediterranean, as it truly once was, you will find it there.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 10-23)

Experience Croatia


OMIŠ | Adventure paradise in Central Dalmatia

There where the emerald river meets the crystal clear sea, creating a magnificent canyon, you will find Omiš, a city where you can feel the adrenaline and have a perfect vacation. Here's why...

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 82-85)

Croatia: Weekend trip


KARLOVAC | Weekend in the Green Heart of Croatia

The next time you ask yourself where to go on a weekend excursion, remember the following lines, which bring you an excellent recommendation.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 56-59)

Experience Croatia

Korčula Island

KORČULA ISLAND | An island for true hedonists

Marco Polo's island will awaken the explorer, athlete, gourmet, and romantic that lies within you... So, don't hesitate for even a moment. Get to know Korčula, and yourself along with it.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 24-35)

Active vacations

Šolta Island

ŠOLTA ISLAND | Return to nature on an imperial island

If a film such as the once-famous "Blue Lagoon" were to be filmed in Croatia, the island of Šolta and its pristine coves would definitely be one of the top filming locations to choose from. See why...

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 86-89)

Experience Croatia

Lošinj Island

LOŠINJ ISLAND | On the island of vitality, the Apoxyomenos, and bottlenose dolphins

Lush Mediterranean vegetation, a clean sea, mild climate, plenty of options for an active holiday, cultural and culinary treats inspired by ancient times and the Apoxyomenos, numerous events... Lošinj has it all.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 66-69)
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World: We're taking you to...


EAST TYROL: SILLIAN AND KALS | A mountain oasis for all the seasons

Heading down the snowy slopes and walking through romantic winter landscapes, or hiking and walking along the alpine peaks in spring, when nature smells especially fresh? You will see for yourself, East Tyrol is a destination for a great vacation any time of the year.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 98-101)

Cultural tourism

Dubrovnik-Neretva County


Linđo is more than just the most popular dance in the Dubrovnik area. Linđo is a way of life, full of energy and a rhythm that motivate you to dance, relax, and feel alive...

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 38-41)

Active vacations

Rab Island

RAB ISLAND | An island for a happy vacation

The best time to release your endorphins on the island of Rab, the island of happiness, is during the spring and fall, when the temperatures are the most pleasant. While there, you will discover many interesting things so prepare in advance - expect the unexpected on Rab.

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tipTravel magazine #18 (pages 70-73)

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