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August - October 2016:


Late summer and autumn beckon you to relax outdoors and enjoy an active vacation in Croatian destinations. So, jump into a kayak or boat, explore destinations by bike, dive into the sea, try an adrenaline sport or release some steam while off-roading on back roads that pass through endless untouched nature. From north to south, Croatia is full of such landscapes and adventurous stories. Spice them all up with superb Croatian gastronomy and interesting events, which are anything but sparse in the autumn days.

Croatia: Issue topic

Active vacations

A vacation with the scent of adventure

If you are adventurous, and love to spend your holiday actively, in endless untouched nature and irresistible beauty, you're in the right place. Welcome to Croatia! Explore it by bike, on foot, with a boat or kayak, underwater, on horseback, or with an adrenaline-filled off-road ride. Try some new activities, use up some energy, discover the undiscovered, and experience a vacation you will be talking about for years to come...

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 10-29)

Active vacations

Active vacations Karlovac

KARLOVAC | In the Green Heart of Croatia

Rafting, canoeing, cycling, Nordic walking, off-road, or something else? It's up to you to decide which activity you will enjoy while exploring the beauty of the Green Heart of Croatia...

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 20-23)

Cultural tourism

Castles Zagreb County

ZAGREB COUNTY | The castles of the "green ring"

Castles take a place of honor in the rich cultural treasury of Zagreb's green ring. Those elaborate, ornate, mystical preservers of the past, often hidden in magnificent gardens, are full of stories and secrets waiting to be discovered. Why not visit them this autumn?

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 58-61)

World: We're taking you to...


MYANMAR (BURMA) | In the country of temples, pagodas, and enchanting sunsets

The endless number of Buddhist temples, pagodas, monasteries, colors, rice fields, and sunsets... That's Myanmar, one of the poorest, and at the same time most interesting countries in the world. Foreign capital is slowly trickling in, but despite that fact, betel is still chewed.

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 88-99)


Vjetrenica cave, excursion from Dubrovnik

DUBROVNIK (Croatia) - MUNICIPALITY OF RAVNO (Bosnia and Herzegovina) | A trip to Europe's underground Amazon

Dubrovnik is an excellent place to head out from on many excursions to the surrounding area, and one of the most beautiful will take you to the spectacular Vjetrenica cave.

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 32-35)

Food and wine tourism

Gastro Pozega-Slavonia County

POŽEGA-SLAVONIA COUNTY | The aromas of the Golden Valley...

When golden colors replace the summer heat, it's time to head to Slavonia...

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 66-69)


UNESCO Becarac

BEĆARAC | When Bećari sing...

Bećarac - a vocal, or vocal-instrumental singing from the areas of Slavonia, Baranja, and Srijem was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2011.

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 72-73)

Active vacations

Active vacations Virovitica-Podravina County


Riding in a boat down the Drava River and on bike along the idyllic Drava landscape and fertile fields, with fishing, photo-safaris and birdwatching... and all that in UNESCO's biosphere reserve. Priceless...

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 12-17)


Interview Petar Galovic

Petar Galović, Arabco Projects: "Croatia is increasingly more attractive for the Arabian market"

Petar Galović, founder of the Arabco Projects company, tells us about the interest Arab investors have for Croatia and the broader region, the preconditions for a greater number of tourist arrivals from Arab countries, and the 2017 ITW Abu Dhabi.

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 50-53)

Gourmet Croatia

Gourmet Coastal Croatia

COASTAL CROATIA | From nature for health and vitality

Plenty of vegetables, wild herbs, an abundance of fish and seafood, with the unavoidable olive oil require little preparation and are the foundation of Mediterranean cuisine.

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tipTravel magazine #16 (pages 74-76)
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