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February - April 2016:


It's a pleasure to explore destinations under the warm sun, soak in their natural beauty and the charm of their cultural attractions, and then allow the enticing flavors of autochthonous ingredients to take you on an exciting gourmet journey. Croatia is full of such delights. So, head out, explore, discover and taste something new, try a new activity, release some endorphins, and feel truly happy this spring. We hope the 116 pages of the new issue of the magazine will motivate you to do so.

Croatia: Issue topic

Kvarner Islands

KVARNER ISLANDS | Spring on the Kvarner islands

Close, but still far enough from one another. Similar, but different in many ways. With a shared story, yet each has its own unique and exciting story. Still, each one of the four largest Kvarner islands: Rab, Krk, Cres, and Lošinj haven't stopped attracting the attention of all those seeking new adventure and experiences in unique and exotic island surroundings.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 8-21)

Cultural tourism

Sibenik-Knin County

ŠIBENIK-KNIN COUNTY | The fortresses in the heart of Dalmatia

For centuries, Šibenik's fortresses have been quiet and kept their secrets. Now, one by one, they have started revealing them to curious visitors.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 38-42)

Gourmet Croatia

The return of forgotten flavors

CONTINENTAL CUISINE | The return of forgotten flavors

People have a genetic record of flavors that leads us through life and at a certain moment, it can recognize the one and only unique flavor that remained imbedded in our memory.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 72-74)

Active tourism

Plitvice Lakes National Park

PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK | Active in idyllic Plitvice

Imagine this scene: clear turquoise lakes, bubbly cascades and waterfalls falling into them, trails that adeptly lead through the aromatic forest surrounding them, and idyllic mountain meadows that offer views of that fairytale landscape. To prove this creative image can truly become reality, come to Plitvice Lakes...

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 32-35)

Experience Croatia

Dubrovnik-Neretva County

DUBROVNIK-NERETVA COUNTY | Rejuvenated tradition of the Croatian south

Visit the upper villages of the Dubrovnik hinterlands for the Easter holidays and get ready to return to the past, full of interesting customs. Then head out to the island of Korčula, where a tradition that dates back to 1301 is still preserved...

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 66-69)


UNESCO The Following the Cross Procession on the island of Hvar

The "Following the Cross" Procession on the island of Hvar

For a full five centuries, this most expressive depiction of traditional piety connects six parishes on Hvar, joining them in faith and prayer on a 22-kilometer journey.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 78-79)

World: We're taking you to...

Salzburg Austria

SALZBURG | All the colors of Salzburg

It is incredibly easy to lose yourself in Salzburg, in the combination of its colors, sounds, aromas, and flavors that will win you over literally at every step you take. Lose yourself in Salzburg this spring, and then start planning for your visit to Salzburg's Advent.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 100-111)


Anamarija Cicarelli

Anamarija Cicarelli, owner of Interligo, the first Counselling Center for Family Accommodations: "Family accommodations in rural areas more and more popular"

Modern guests love peace and nature, a healthy lifestyle, organic food, comfort, and the vicinity of tourist attractions.

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tipTravel magazine #14 (pages 52-55)
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