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tipTravel magazine

... is the first Croatian online travel and tourism magazine, which is exclusively in digital format and available to all readers free of charge. It has been issued in Croatian and English since July 2013, and in German as of 2015. It is designed for readers in Croatia and abroad who are avid travelers. In each issue, through original reports and photos, it introduces readers to Croatian coastal and continental destinations and their diverse and rich tourist offer, it reveals the less known facts, brings tourism news, announcements of events and festivals that shouldn't be missed, and first-hand advice and recommendations. The second part of the magazine is dedicated to presenting global destinations and their travel offer.
More information can be found at, where you can also find a direct link to all the issues. The magazine can be read online on all computers, tablets, and smartphone devices via the website or application.
On iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch), the magazine can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store, where the application has additional interactive features to enable an even higher quality reading experience. To find it, simply type in 'tiptravel' in the App Store.

About us

Project support

The importance and quality of tipTravel magazine in the online promotion of Croatian tourism has been recognized and recommended to readers, tourists, by:

project support tipTravel magazine

- Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia

- Croatian National Tourist Board

- Croatian Chamber of Economy

- Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA)

- Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality (UPUHH)

- Croatian Camping Union

- Association of family-run and small hotels of Croatia

- Croatian Youth Hostel Association

App Store

Download the tipTravel magazine iOS app from the App Store to have an even better reading experience, in English, Croatian and/or German. The application, and all issues on it, are free of charge :)


'tipTravel magazine' can be read, free of charge, in English, Croatian and/or German, on Android devices via the 'Issuu' application.
Download it here...

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