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June 2022 - May 2023:

The third supplemented version of the current issue of tipTravel magazine: October 4, 2022.

In the rhythm of autumn

After a hot and dynamic summer, we have sailed into a just as active autumn. Now, when the temperatures are more pleasant, and nature is bespattered with fiery colors, it's time to put on your sneakers and head out into that beauty. Walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, conquering river rapids in a rafting boat or on a calmer canoe ride, or a wild and muddy adventure on a quad... The range of activities is wide, just like the choice of destinations where you can release some adrenaline. We have supplemented the magazine with new topics and broadened your choices, and now it’s up to you to make a decision.

Croatia: Issue topic

Peljesac bridge

PELJEŠAC PENINSULA AND KORČULA ISLAND | Reach the Croatian south with ease

From now on, you will be able to reach the heavenly beaches and coves of the Croatian south, its timeless cultural attractions and city museums under the open sky, its enticing flavors and aromas, and its landscapes where you will want to get lost - both in exploring and in releasing adrenaline - with even more ease and much quicker than before since southern Croatia has never been closer by road. The Pelješac Bridge, with its access roads, is a long-awaited dream of connecting the far south of Croatia with the remainder of the country. The dream is finally coming true this year and it will allow all those who visit the beauties of the Croatian south to have a pleasant travel experience.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 8-21)

Experience Croatia


It's time for... Vodice!

Kilometers of beautiful beaches, inspirational excursions, taste-testing tours, plenty of things to do for all generations, relaxing wellness and spa oases... Vodice has everything you need for the vacation you want.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 30-31)

Active vacation

Brijuni National Park


Brijuni Sports Weekend invites you to enjoy recreation on the islands that were even adored by the aristocracy. We are sure you'll adore them too.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 47)

Active vacation

Sinj Dalmatian Hinterland

SINJ | Actively through the Dalmatian Hinterland

Discover the active side of Sinj in idyllic untouched nature, but make enough time to enjoy the other experiences the town of knights has to offer.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 23)

Experience Croatia

Baška Voda

BAŠKA VODA | Connecting the sea and the mountains

A landscape adored by tourists and filmmakers, but also perfect for your vacation.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 27)

Experience Croatia


Kvarner's priceless experiences

The irresistible combination of the mountains and the sea, the right balance of a vacation, relaxation, and fun, and the ideal dose of health, activities, culture, and food and wine delights... and you have the recipe for a perfect vacation in Kvarner.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 34-37)

Experience Croatia

Bjelovar-Bilogora County

BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY | The green hit of continental Croatia

Swimming in a biological pool, walking through tree canopies, cycling, cruising down a river through untouched nature, relaxing under the stars... the Bjelovar-Bilogora area is full of novelties and priceless experiences. Explore them...

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 48-51)

Active vacation

Rab island

RAB ISLAND | A hunt for the island's cultural treasure

Thirty cultural treats, three trails, and 40 km of recreation through the beautiful nature of the island... It's the right time to discover the hidden side of the island of Rab.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 44-45)

Experience Croatia

Losinj Island

LOŠINJ ISLAND | A must-visit island oasis

Natural beauty and peace, balanced body and mind, a dose of adventure and great fun to be had... you will find all of that on Lošinj.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 43)


Krk Island

KRK ISLAND | A golden Krk autumn

Active, fun, and delicious - that's what autumn is like on Kvarner's golden island.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 39)


Romance in Salona

SOLIN | Embraced by ancient times and romance

This summer, the "Romance in Salona" festival once again brings an air of ancient times and romance to the very heart of Solin.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 25)


Five ideas for traveling with kids

Five ideas for traveling with kids

Traveling is always a great idea, and when traveling with kids, then it's a fantastic idea! The chance to explore the world together, experience new things, get to know more about other areas, people, and cultures, taste new flavors, and later share memories, is a priceless experience.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 68-79)

Experience Croatia

Holiday Homes with a Story

VARAŽDIN COUNTY | Luxury in idyllic nature

"Holiday Homes with a Story" are a fantastic oasis to relax, but also a great spot to head out from to explore the irresistible Varaždin region.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 54-55)

Active vacation

Podravina and Prigorje

PODRAVINA AND PRIGORJE | A range of active experiences

Rafting, canoeing, river boating, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, or an adrenaline ride on a quad? Try it all in Podravina and Prigorje.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 52-53)


Interview Dino Radja

Dino Rađa: Croatia is a small country with great success in sports

Did you know that Croatia is also home to top-notch athletes, true sports prodigies whose successes in sports might just make them the greatest ambassadors for Croatian tourism? We spoke to one of the best, whose name has been mentioned on the basketball scene for a long time, not just in Croatia, but worldwide.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 56-59)



NIN | At the source of experiences

If you love the sun, sand, romance, and unique attractions, you will adore Nin.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (page 33)


Tourism trends 2022

Tourism trends in 2022

A lot has changed over the past two and a half years. We have also changed, along with our needs and way of thinking, as have tourism trends. Here are some of the trends that mark 2022.

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tipTravel magazine #29 (pages 60-63)