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May 2020 - April 2021:


As always, with the publication of our new issue of tipTravel magazine we would like to motivate you to travel, discover new destinations and cultures, while discovering yourself, and enjoying priceless new experiences. However, considering the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, travel responsibly, considerably, and sustainably more than ever before. Find tips for traveling responsibly in the new issue of the magazine, along with useful information and recommendations regarding arriving in Croatia (always check for current data via the active links in the magazine). This time, we have once again dedicated the majority of the magazine to the promotion of travel destinations in Croatia, which is on international top lists of favorite and recommended destinations for the summer of 2020. Just one click lies between you and inspiration for your next trip :)

Croatia: Useful information

Useful information

Get informed before arriving in Croatia

Are you planning a holiday in Croatia? Great! Here you can find out how to get informed, announce your arrival, and speed up the border crossing process.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (page 3)

Active tourism


ZAGREB COUNTY | In idyllic Žumberak

Feel the adrenaline, freedom, and peace in the idyllic paradise near Zagreb still undiscovered by tourists and head to Žumberak.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 54-56)


Wellness trends in 2020

Wellness trends in 2020

A new year, a new decade, new decisions and a new chance to invest in yourself, your health, inner peace, and personal satisfaction. Let healthy trends become a part of daily life and your lifestyle. Here's a list of the absolute hits of 2020.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 66-69)

Croatia: Issue topic


Croatian inspiration for travel buffs

Safe, easily accessible, and attractive to tourists in every sense. That's Croatia, a small European country that offers great experiences to absolutely everyone who visits it.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 8-45)

Experience Croatia

Baska Voda and Promajna

Baška Voda and Promajna

Heavenly beaches, fresh air, plenty of activities, and endless experiences. Welcome to Baška Voda and Promajna!

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 46-47)

Experience Croatia

Croatian Zagorje

KRAPINA-ZAGORJE COUNTY | Rest in the idyllic hills of Zagorje

Have you grown tired of spending your holidays in the same old destinations and are ready for a different experience? Head over to Croatian Zagorje, a place full of new views and priceless experiences.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 58-59)

UNESCO: Dry stone wall construction

Dry stone wall construction

Adriatic stone lace

Since the prehistoric era, the hardworking inhabitants of the Adriatic coast and islands built dry stone walls on barren land, stone by stone, and left landscapes that take the breath away of everyone who passes by.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 50-51)

World: Film destinations

Film destinations

The Top 5 films for avid travelers

Do you love to travel and discover new destinations, relax with a good movie on the topic of traveling, or are you just looking for an idea for your next vacation? We bring you a selection of five movies that you have to see and that will inspire you to take a new trip.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 70-81)

Experience Croatia

Bjelovar-Bilogora County

BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY | Diversity under the stars

The Bjelovar-Bilogora area guarantees the ideal balance of untouched nature, active holidays, health tourism, and local eno-gastronomy. And you can find all of that under a spectacular starry sky.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 60-63)




Discover the story of Škrlet in the preserved nature of the Sisak-Moslavina region, where grapevines have been cultivated since the beginning of time.

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tipTravel magazine #27 (pages 64-65)