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December 2018 - April 2019:


The decision has been made - from now on, you will travel more, explore new destinations, get to know new cultures, and spread the positive vibrations the magical world of travel brings. While doing so, you will make new acquaintances, get to know yourself more, and become even more open to new adventures and life situations. You probably already have your list of destinations that your heart is making you visit as soon as possible, but make sure to have a look at these pages as well, which are full of recommendations for trips. We believe you will find another couple of ideas for escaping the daily grind amongst them, and who knows, maybe even for the trip of a lifetime.

Croatia: Issue topic

Bike tourism

DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY | Cycling through southern Croatia

Cycling through the picturesque Mediterranean landscapes of the far south of Croatia is so much more than just cycling. Priceless experiences await you on the trails that deftly meander through enchanting nature and pass by many attractions in the mainland and island destinations there.

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tipTravel magazine #25 (pages 10-33)

Health tourism


KVARNER | The healing power of the sea and the forest

Kvarner's mild climate at the place where the Mediterranean and mountain regions meet with lush vegetation is a comfort for the soul and body and it awakens the energy of life.

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tipTravel magazine #25 (pages 48-51)



DUBROVNIK | Dubrovnik's winter fairytale

One of the prettiest cities in the world awaits you again this winter with an enticing holiday offer and plenty of fun for all generations.

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tipTravel magazine #25 (pages 34-37)


Sons of Sails

SONS OF SAILS | A new platform for online boat reservations

What is the simplest way to rent the boat you want online and get the most affordable price? The answer is: Sons of Sails...

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tipTravel magazine #25 (pages 40-41)



SWEDEN | Winter in Sweden: 10 reasons to visit

Even if you prefer summer and feel your best in tropical destinations, give winter a chance to impress you with its charms and, for a change, head north - to Sweden. You could be pleasantly surprised when you see what Swedish winters have to offer.

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tipTravel magazine #25 (pages 68-89)