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November 2016 - February 2017:


Superb health care services, top-notch medical staff, competitive prices, numerous natural therapeutic factors, easy accessibility, and a long tradition of tourism are the main advantages Croatia has that make it a health tourism destination that is growing in popularity. Combining health and travel is a winning combination, especially if you do it in Croatia during Advent, when a magical atmosphere completely takes over many continental and coastal destinations. Another great time to visit Croatia in the winter is during the carnival season - they are hilarious, unusual, full of tradition...

Croatia: Issue topic

Health tourism in Croatia

Health tourism in Croatia

A mild climate, an abundance of natural beauty and natural therapeutic elements, a long tradition of tourism, a good transportation connection, safe destinations, top-notch medical staff, a wide range of health care and medical services at affordable prices, healthy food... There are a lot of reasons Croatia is a health care and medical tourism destination that is growing in popularity. See why for yourself...

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 10-33)


Interview Marcel Medak

Marcel Medak: "I see health tourism as the solution for a longer season"

Marcel Medak, president of the Health Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) and Managing Director of the Daruvar Spa Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, spoke to us about the great potential of health tourism in Croatia, the preconditions for its stronger development, and the advantages Croatia has in comparison to other countries.

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 30-33)

Advent in Croatia

Advent in Croatia

Embracing Advent

The flavor of hot chocolate or punch tickling your taste buds, the scent of cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla in the air, the sound of bells and snow crunching under your feet, millions of shimmering lights, good company... and Advent can start! It's a tried and true recipe, but where should you experience it? A little bit of everywhere, from Croatia's north to south.

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 36-41)

World: City break

City break Frankfurt


Although the part of Frankfurt you likely know the most is its airport, one of the most famous and busiest in the world, which is also the largest headquarters of the Lufthansa company, next time you land at the city on the Main, stay a few days. It could pleasantly surprise you...

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 84-90)

Carnivals in Croatia

Carnivals in Croatia

It's time for... carnivals!

Have you already decided what you will be this carnival season? And where you will spend it? We'll let you answer the first question, and to help you answer the second, we bring you the wildest Croatian carnivals you shouldn’t miss out on this winter.

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 50-59)

An inspirational journey

The Himalayas

THE HIMALAYAS | The guardian of answers to all questions

Is it possible to see the world and life in a different way? Absolutely! Adventure, the call of the wild, and the scent of adventure are the answer for all those who seek something more both yonder and within themselves, for all those looking for a new lifestyle...

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tipTravel magazine #17 (pages 92-97)