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November 2015 - January 2016:


Winter vacations are different, just like the colors, scents, flavors, and total ambiance that await you in many destinations in the winter months, which are rightfully called magical. Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia... The winter stories from these countries are diverse, and we bring you many of them on the 108 pages of this issue. Find an idea for your winter vacation, experience the holiday magic, cheerfully ring in the New Year, and take the advice of many world travelers and at least once a year go and visit a place you've never been before.

Croatia: Issue topic

Winter in Croatia

WINTER IN CROATIA | That magical Croatian winter...

Winter in Croatia is full of tempting aromas and flavors, idyllic landscapes that will leave you breathless, cheerful events, and attractive Advent fairs where you will want to get lost. Winter for all five senses awaits you in many Croatian destinations from north to south...

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 8-33)

Winter in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK | The winter magic of Plitvice

If you still haven't had the chance to enjoy the beauty and sound of the bubbly cascades and waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes this year, and take a walk through the magical nature that surrounds them, don't worry because you still have time. Winter turns this enchanting park and its surroundings into an idyllic nook you will never want to leave...

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 20-23)


Green travel trend

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM | Green travel trend

Over the last few years, terms such as "sustainable", "responsible", "eco", and "green" have been linked to tourism and travel more and more. Hotels and travel agencies want to be "sustainable", and tourists and travelers are more inclined to head out on "sustainable" vacations and "responsible" and "green" trips.

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 60-63)

World: Winter holidays

Winter holidays

AUSTRIA AND SLOVENIA | Where to go for winter holidays?

If snowflakes always make you smile, if you truly enjoy winter sports and the joy of snow, if you love to relax in mountain cabins in good company with a crackle from the fireplace, tasty treats, and mulled wine, and you have nothing against relaxing in a wellness oasis after a day spent in the snow, then head up to the mountains this winter...

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 90-99)

Winter in Croatia

Dubrovnik-Neretva County

DUBROVNIK-NERETVA COUNTY | Magic for all the senses

This winter, during Christmas, Konavle will once again be filled with the aroma of Green Menestra, it will win you over with Christmas songs, pamper your taste buds with homemade delicacies and delicious wines... Irresistible flavors and aromas await you in the cellars of Pelješac's winemakers...

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 28-31)


Experience design

HOTELS | Experience design

Architects and designers agree on one thing: regardless of categorization, luxury services are achieved with good design.

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 70-73)

World: We're taking you to...

Lucerne Switzerland

LUCERNE | Incredibly easy travelling through idyllic Lucerne

From a boat to a funicular, from the funicular to a ski lift, from the ski lift to a bus, from the bus to a train, and all with one ticket for the entire destination? Yes, in Switzerland even that is possible!

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 100-105)


Jasna Vaniček-Fila, Head of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board

Jasna Vaniček-Fila, Head of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board: "Collaboration and new products for success"

We spoke to Jasna Vaniček-Fila, Head of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board, about the development of tourism and new tourism products.

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 40-45)

Interesting facts

Faust Vrančić Memorial Center

PRVIĆ ISLAND | Faust Vrančić Memorial Center

Today, after researching his life for more than a century, Faust Vrančić's story has yet to be completely told.

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 66-68)



Annual carnival bell ringers' pageant from the Kastav area

The entire area lives for the carnival parade: masks, headdresses, and bells are made, special dishes are prepared, and special dances are danced.

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tipTravel magazine #13 (pages 74-75)