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August - October 2015:


Late summer and early autumn are a perfect time to travel, especially if traveling to a Mediterranean country, like Croatia. At that time, the weather and the sea are still pleasantly warm, destinations are bathed in sunshine, and the crowds die down, so it is a true pleasure to enjoy exploring the area, one of the many activities, or just lounging about. Find a lot of travel ideas on the 114 pages of our new issue.

Croatia: Issue topic

Dalmatian experiences

DALMATIAN EXPERIENCES | In the warm Croatian south

From south to north Dalmatia, in late summer and early autumn, you will come across magnificent scenes, numerous events, and diverse experiences. This is a period made for actively exploring charming Dalmatian towns and their surrounding areas, for enjoying the colors, flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean, and for trying many activities. Have you already explored the rural story of the far south of Croatia, toured the filming locations where the globally popular Game of Thrones is filmed, achieved your nautical adventures in this rugged archipelago, and admired the most beautiful sunset?

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 8-35)

Experience Croatia


KRK ISLAND | Holiday on the golden island

In autumn, the "Golden Island" will win you over with the aroma of just-picked grapes, the harvested golden olives, and events that will entice you to get active, plus the sea is still just the right temperature to take a swim...

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 68-71)

World: We're taking you to...

Bali Indonesia

BALI | The island of a thousand temples

Heavenly beaches, many temples and shrines, picturesque rice fields, irresistible sunsets, friendly locals, the most expensive coffee in the world... You will find all that on Bali, the famous Indonesian island.

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 94-111)


Leila Krešić-Jurić, Director of Tourism Sector of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE)

Leila Krešić-Jurić, Director of the Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE): "The interior is a great opportunity for Croatia"

We spoke to Leila Krešić-Jurić, director of the Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, about the potential of continental tourism in Croatia, the first national "Croatian Rural Tourism" catalog, and the development of family-run accommodations in Croatia.

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 44-47)

Experience Croatia

Zagreb County

ZAGREB COUNTY | Following heritage and culinary traditions

Discover why Zaprešić is called the city of sports, what secrets lie hidden in Brdovec, Marija Gorica and Dubravica, and why Vrbovec is the center of gastronomy of the Zagreb County.

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 48-51)


UNESCO Lacemaking in Croatia

Lacemaking in Croatia

Lepoglava, Hvar and Pag are three Croatian destinations united by the same, yet diverse and unique beauty - lace.

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tipTravel magazine #12 (pages 76-77)